O Sweet Anne, may the Harpers sing your song...


O Sweet Anne, may the Harpers sing your song forever.

Our sweet Dragon Lady, Anne McCaffrey has died (Galley Cat).

Dragon Song was the first book I ever read on my own, not because someone bought it for me, not because it was assigned to me in school. I saw the book on the shelf, and bought it, read it, and fell in love.

I read through all of the Dragon Riders of Pern books, and to this day, I keep a canister of Klah in my kitchen and often have a cup of it instead of cocoa.

Anne's books were the first books that I ever read to feature strong female characters. Her stories are amazing, and should be read by anyone who loves relationship centric fiction.

From Pern, to the Ship who Sang, to Crystalsinger, Rowan, and the Doona books, her work covers so many topics and worlds. She will be missed.

O Master Harper sing: