New Vision for Project: Shadow and dashPunk

With only 1% of the top blogs having anything to do with Speculative Fiction, we have been doing a great deal of soul searching lately, trying to find out where the blogs have gone wrong. I think I have found the answer:

Most Speculative Fiction blogs do not provide enough value to their readers to make it into the top 100.

On that front, we have decided to make some changes to our format to be more helpful to you our readers. We are planning to bring more content to the sites and podcast that we have been looking for ourselves.


The first thing we will be adding are the periodic primers. Everything you need to know about a given topic in a nutshell. What primers are you interested in? You can either comment here or in the forum.

How tos

I get a lot of Questions asking how to do different things. For some reason beyond my own comprehension, I have been answering these questions in email. In future, I will be posting the answers to dashPunk. What things do you what to know how to do? You can either comment here on in the forum.


We send out interview requests as people float onto our radar, but periodically, we send out a flurry of request to see who we can get to respond. I have been pleasantly surprised by the return we get. Who would you like to see us get an interview with, and what would like to have them answer? You can either respond here or in the forum.

Don't worry, we will still be providing you with reviews, theater or renter, news, and the other random bits we find around the internet.

Did I miss anything? Are there any features you would love to see us add to the mix? Leave a comment below.