New Media is not Small Media or Binding

I was reading an article on The 10 movies you shouldn't watch online.  In which, once again they demonstrate how people don’t get the new media.

Hulu recently added 1962's "Lawrence of Arabia," which raises the question: Should anyone watch a nearly four-hour-long epic of sweeping grandeur on their laptop? Or, heaven forbid, their cell phone?

New media is about being freed from schedules and opening up more choices.  Yes, some watch Hulu and other shows on their portable devices but the growing trend is like myself to have Hulu tied into our main entertainment center and watch it like one would watch a DVD or Television.  I love my Apple TV and Boxee which I run on it to allow me to watch Hulu on my Big Screen.  Besides if you were on a long flight with internet access and I had to choose between the big screen in-flight movie or Star Wars on my laptop, well the decision is easy.

Watching movies on Hulu is about being freed from appointment TV.  This way if they show his #5 pick Star Wars on TV I would probably have something going on during the time slot when it would be aired.  Yet on Hulu I can load it up when I have time to watch a movie on my schedule.

What do you think, do you watch movies on Hulu?  If so how do you like to watch them?