New Green Lantern Not a Pooser

Ok, listen up all you poosers.

Contrary to my low expectations of and the other poorly executed comic movies that have come out this year Green Lantern is awesome!  Quite often I find myself singing the praise of the animated movies over the large budget movies but in this case both are great.

They did a great job with the story staying faithful to the comics pulling elements from even the first showcase presents Green Lantern.  In the non action parts of the movie made sense and furthered the story along.

The effects including his suit looks good in 3d and not so good in 2.  Darn them for making me praise 3d but this time it works.  

Between this movie and Green Lantern: Emerald Knights I'm looking forward to seeing the Sinestro Core War.

If you havent picked up your copy of Emerald lights get it here it's worth it!