Manga Review: Black Knight by Kai Trurugi

Black Knight by Kai Trurugi is one of the best Yaoi I've ever read.  A touching love story between a Prince and his protector.

Black Knight offers much for hardcore Yaoi fans. With a good storyline, several battle scenes, and a bit of graphic love scenes sprinkled in, these guys are well on their way to becoming an epic romance.

Chris is the sheltered, innocent Prince who is just learning to battle. Zeke is the tall, dark, handsome swordsman that can get out of any scrape no matter the odds. Together they have a passionate love affair in the midst of danger.  This book shows the love of a family when their loved one comes home, the love of a master to his long-owned horse and a special, genuine love between a young prince and his protector.

The art is very Knight's of the Round table, swords and sorcery, with a bit of Asian influence here and there.

Parental guidance is suggested for adult content and explicit art.

Extras: Yaoi called Deadly Sin
A romance between a Priest haunted by ghosts from the past and a tourist who shows him he can break-free from depression and guilt to be happy. This new Yaoi might be a promising read in full book form.

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