Manga, A Few Disappointments

I don’t usually like to write bad reviews because I feel like they are a waste of my time. Why would I want to waste my time writing a review on a book that I didn’t enjoy reading in the first place?  To warn you about them.  I have three mangas to warn you about with one that I was so eager to read, but fell short of my expectations.

Pantheon High by Paul Benjamin & Steven Cummings

This is a book for someone more into super heroes and mythology than I am.

They introduce too many characters in a short period of time. You don’t get enough time or information to care about any of them. Without in-depth knowledge of all the pantheons (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, etc…) you won’t get the inside jokes they make about the gods and their offspring.  There are way too many boob and butt grabs and premature boy fantasy panty shots. The slang is overly ghetto speech as if an adult is trying to mimic how “those kids today” talk. There is an annoying girl trying to speak Buffy speech with comments like, "Rude much?", "You aren't blogworthy.", and "" but it's not working.

The art isn’t that bad and there is a cool part where they show the students report cards with grades, parents names (usually gods), achievements, and evaluations. How ever cool those snaps are, it doesn’t outweigh the annoying childish jokes and raunchy humor.

Descendants of Darkness by Yami no Matsuei

Way too much chibi in this book.

It’s supposed to be about shimigami, which we know from Death Note are scary as hell and we know from Dead Like Me, can be funny. But these shimigami are neither funny or scary.

It portrays life after death being run like a corporation, which could be kinda cool if they did it the way Beetlejuice does, but they don’t. Who wants to think life after death is in a boring office building? Snooze! To top it all off there are these strange birds who work in the office that appear to be owls in kimonos. Very strange.

The only thing that saves this tale is 3-5 pages at the end where an evil Doctor is introduced, but even this part makes no sense. I’m told the series gets better in volume two, but I’m not willing to spend time finding out.

IDOL by Dany & Dany

I am so sad that I have to write this about Dany & Dany. They are awesome Yaoi authors and I absolutely adore their manga book Anima, but for some reason I just couldn't get into Idol.

The printing is bad, which could mean it was done earlier in their career.

This is a basic man loves hooker story where the hooker kills a bad guy with the audacity to run over his favorite customer, an artist who he falls in love with.

The sneak peek in the back features a tale about an actor falling in love. I wasn’t thrilled with the art, the story or the characters… but the ad in the back for Dany & Dany’s The Lily and the Rose, has me hoping that one will restore my faith in them.

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