Hulu Desktop

h10-image-2Hulu have launched a new Desktop app for the Mac and the PC.  It is in beta, but works really well.  This is one step closer to what I want from Hulu but I noticed something in the software's Terms of Service that upset me.

Video their way


2. Permitted License Uses and Restrictions. Hulu grants you a license to install and use the Hulu Software on your personal laptop or desktop computer (“Personal Computer”) for the sole purpose of streaming content that is available on Hulu’s site located at (“Hulu Content”) on your Personal Computer. You may not download, install or use the Hulu Software on any device other than a Personal Computer including without limitation digital media receiver devices (such as Apple TV), mobile devices (such as a cell phone device, mobile handheld device or a PDA), network devices or CE devices (collectively “Prohibited Devices”).

Grrr, argh.  I am glad they made the software, but honestly, I want it on my AppleTV.  I suppose I will have to get a Mac Mini for my next media center so I can run this on my television easier.

I am surprised that they are continuing to push their content way from the television, while at the same time showing that they understand how people want to watch their content.

Hulu walks the line

I think Hulu is doing its best to walk the line between what their viewers want and what their content partners want.  (sigh)

It is only a matter of time before they come around.  This is at the very least, a step forward.


Hulu Desktop Here!