Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Trailer

I want to like Ghost Rider.  In theroy everything about it should be awesome: motercycles, fire, rider of vengance.  Unfortunately I'm not that excited. 

After the first Ghost Rider, should by all acounts rock was more of a meh, this trailer has a lot of work cut out for it.  I first saw it in 3D which looked bad, very bad.  The fire effect left my eyes hurting and was not helped when Conan started showing me what good 3D fire should look like.  Thankfully the 2D looks a lot better and gives me some hope.  Watch the trailer above.

Plot:  "Set several years after the first film, Johnny Blaze is in self-imposed exile from the world. Blaze has become a tormented soul, convinced that his powers are a curse. Former stuntman Blaze is then approached by Moreau, a member of the monastic order of Michael, the warrior angel. Moreau seeks a protector for a mother and son duo who are being pursued by a figure named Roarke – a fellow with a detailed knowledge of the Ghost Rider and his different identities over the centuries."  (Wikipedia)

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengance will hit theaters 2-17-12