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Discovery Communications added MySpace as another distribution outlet for it's video content.  Don’t get your hopes up, Discovery is not budging from it’s position of not sharing any full shows online in an ad-supported fashion.  They are only adding clips.

Clips are nice for sharing and promoting of content.  I like that they are adding this so that people who already have paid for access to Discovery content can share their favorite moments with others.  They can also interest new viewers but only from those who have paid for access.

Are the clips enough for someone to be willing to say hey I like the clips so much let me pay to have cable installed and pay for monthly service based on that clip.  Highly unlikely.

For me it’s a waste.  I, like many, are decabled and too busy to bother with teasing that doesn't have a chance of becoming any thing else.  Sure there is the off chance that a clip will be really entertaining in and of itself but then that is it, I already have the clip.

I like that I can watch episodes of Mythbusters through my Netflix subscription but I already had a chance to get into the show.  Wouldn’t it be wiser for Discovery to work on building audience through add supported streaming online and build their back end DVD sales profits to offset the loss in front end subscription sales.

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