Dark Wave Industrial- DRAGONS

m_458d54e456f1cba629010a769cf04138 I am always looking for new dark wave music to add to my collection, and I am glad that I get so many recommendations.  I am very picky about the bands I listen too.  Today, I was turned on a Bristol band called Dragons.  I went to their MySpace to check them out, and I was excited by the tunes they have on their profile.

Here are the Roses

Opens like a Depeche Mode song, following many of the dark wave conventions that we have come to know and love, but the song continues into a more spacious sound reminiscent of early Mission albums.  The galloping drum is to tapping, Anthony Tombling's voice transitions beautifully from a cold dryness into to a full throated cry on the choruses.  A nice tune, hauntingly bleak, yet beautiful.


Danceable rock somewhere between Iggy Pop and a subdued Rosette Stone.  The song continues to build into a fete of guitars and drums.  A song for the clubs.

Lonely Nights

The song begins is a scratchy echo that reminds me of many Bauhaus classics, while the choruses have a more melodic character of the the best death and goth rock.  The guitar work is emotional.  The lyrics on this song more cliche, bordering on emo compared to the bleakness of the other tunes.

Where is the love

The eerie goth blue bar sound of early Fields of the Nephilim, drone under Anothy's solid voice.  The gothic appeal of this song is solid.  I can definitely see this tune on a listen by candlelight playlist.  This is probably my favorite of the sample songs they made available.



They have four albums:

  1. Here are the Roses (Album)
  2. Lonely Tonight (EP)
  3. Here are the Roses (EP)
  4. Condition (EP)

All of their albums are available through iTunes Plus without DRM (get them here Dragons )  And their EPs Here are the Roses (EP) and  Condition (EP) are also available on eMusic.

Check them out on the net at their Website and MySpace Profile

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