Coventry Poltergeist video

Before I comment on the video, take a look at it, and make up your own mind.

I am not a skeptic, as you all know, but I have 3 problems with this video.

1. The Video Quality is poor

Poor video covers a multitude of sins.  As the door opens, the video quality is poor enough to cover any monofiliment string that may have been used.  I can not tell if one was there or not.

2. The Chair is not Fully in Frame

I cannot see the legs of the chair.  I am not going to assume that that unseen hand is not out of frame simply because I am not told to.

3. The Edit in the Middle

The edit occurs between the first chair move and the second.  Even the director of Paranormal Activity knew they needed to move into fast forward when between spooky events to help the audience believe that nothing was changed between the first spooky and the second.  I am not going to risk insulting Uma Therman by assuming that the set up of the second chair move was not set up during the edit.


Whether it is a hoax or not, the necessary controls are not in place to prove it wasn't hoaxed.  Anyone wanting to document the paranormal needs to take steps to ensure validation of their evidence.