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I love Boxee.  It has helped to bring me more content with the greatest of ease.  Now I’m even more ecstatic to hear that device makers want to embed Boxee into existing products.

During CES we were approached by several device makers that wanted to speak with us about embedding boxee into existing or future products. we would love to get your input on whether it is relevant for you, what will you want to see in a boxee-based device, and how much will you be willing to pay for it..

This is great news because:

  • Boxee will become more accessible to more people
  • This can help me and other move toward reducing the number of devices hooked up in the entertainment system.

Boxee is an alpha product that handles online video on multiple platforms (Mac, Ubuntu Linux, and Windows).  For my set up I installed it onto my Apple TV and it has made my decabling experience even more enjoyable.

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