Bitten by a Martian Spider


Ever had one of those days when you had a song stuck in your head? 

I really wish it was as simple as just having a song stuck in there...  instead, David Bowie, Pete Steele, Rozz Williams, and Bruce Dickinson are competing in a Pitch Perfect style Riff Off.

Did your eyes cross?  Imagine how my brain feels. 

Each one presents a song with images that would make for an amazing story, but just as I get to the point I think I know what I could write, the next story takes over. 

I really want to allow myself more freedom to work, and I want writing to be fun again, but this is ridiculous.   I don't know when I put my business hat back on, but I need to take it off and burn it.

I need to let myself love the fiction, and stop trying to force myself to "do the right thing for the business."  The right thing is for me to be a fan of my own fiction.  I don't know why I keep forgetting that. 

It is almost like every time something makes me happy, an alarm goes off and tells me to stop.  I would laugh if it wasn't for the frustration. 

Roadrunner United's Roads just came on my Slacker Radio.

A soaring hope is reeling in my head

I can’t remember this

But it must be what I miss

Suddenly I find I’m standing still

Staring at the ground

Waiting for your sound

— "Roads," Roadrunner United

That's it.  That is the feeling exactly.  I am not waiting for inspiration, I am looking for the perfect sound.  The tones that work together just right.  A killer riff that will drive forward.  I am looking for a "fresh sound for the new album" as it were...

Maybe there is a way to bring harmony to the cacophony, but I don't see it quite yet.