Batman: Gotham Knight Official Trailer

The Official site went up for the Animated movie Batman: Gotham Knight. You can view it here but they don't have any thing up yet. I hope in the future they will put up some stills to show off the art work.

This direct to DVD project introduces a new east meets west style batman in both animation and in story style. In the trailer, view here in the P:S HQ, they 61K966NG66L._SL210_talk about using a samurai style influence on the Dark Knight character. It looks interesting though I have concerns about how much influence Batman Begins will have on this project.

I can't wait to watch this incarnation of Batman but I have doubts that they will be able to beat the best to date animated version of this classic superhero, Batman - The Animated Series which came out in 1992 - 1995.