'Adult' Harry Potter-like fantasy from Ron Moore for NBC

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According to Blastr, Battlestar Galactica creator Ron Moore is developing an Adult Harry Potter-like series for NBC...

So here is my theory about what that means.

This series will be set in a magical university were young adults are learning how to master their magical abilities.  One of the characters will allow a dark wizard or spirit into the campus, and an important grimoire or artifact will be damaged, destroyed, or stolen.  This character will then have to hide his complicity in the crime while the lead character investigates the crime and tries to put the pieces back together.

Is this the right time?

I admit that was a little catty, but I am excited to see more fantasy content on Television.  Ron Moore does have a good track record with TV Shows, but I am not sure this is the right time for this.

Eastwick was one of the best Fantasy/Magic Realism shows made in a long time, and it failed because it attracted a primarily female audience.

Kings was another brilliant Magic Realism series, and it was not able to attract a large enough audience.

Legend of the Seeker, my favorite sword and sorcery show, lost its third season because ABC infuriated their syndication partners by demanding too much and giving too little.

I can only hope that Moore will create a good show and that the network and fans will support it, but that doesn't feel realistic right now.

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