Deadliest Warrior the Movie, coming soon

Deadliest Warrior Image via Wikipedia

Scifi Talk reports that Paramount and Spike are working together to make a movie out of Deadliest Warror.

Go ahead and roll your eyes, I already did.

Just when I though movies couldn't get dumber, they found a way.  What worries me most is that they actually used the word plot.

So now it's time for action movies to enter the realm of Shark vs Octopus, Anaconda v Python, and all of those really obnoxious B-movies that were not worth the time and effort to make.

How in the world are they going to sell this schlock?  Half-naked or fully naked women, sex, and blood.  Ugh...

Enhanced by ZemantaMaybe they could do a Mortal Kombat style movie?  Still don't expect much in plot though they could have he cowboy when lassoing his opponent cry out "Get over here!"