Weekend Fun With Chuck and Jeffester

Craving more Chuck? Wondering what happened to Jeffester after being accused of blowing up the Buymore?

"Chuck Presents Buy Hard: The Jeff and Lester Story" follows the Nerd Herders as they're on the run from the authorities after torching the Buy More at the end of last season (they don't yet know they didn't do it, obviously). They decide to risk it all -- "all" being a subjective term here -- to return to the Encino Buy More and pick up a copy of the game,”

Sit down this weekend and like me get your Chuck fix on while eagerly awaiting for season four to begin and follow the mad capped adventures of Jeffester as they adjust to their life on the lam.  Chuck season four premiers 20th September.

Watch the first episode below.

(via Zap 2 it)