Community: Best Fall Preview

Community wins best fall preview award, watch this awesome preview above! It's more of something we would see a fan put together and was probably inspired from fan vids. This was not only a good sample of what to expect from the show but it was also entertaining in it's own right. I had so much fun I watched it twice in a row.

Community season one started slowly. I almost gave it up but at the end of the episode there was one little extra bit that made me laugh. I stuck it out to see what funny thing Troy and Abed would do and I'm glad I did. By the Halloween episode they hit their stride and the show gets hilarious.

As a fan I love how they make many great references to iconic fandom moments like Abed's Batman. By the time they get to the episode of Modern Warfare the entire episode is an homage to a plethora of fan movies including more obscure ones like Warriors.

Community returns September 23


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