Gina Torres dreams, "What if Zoe was pregnant"

Gina Torres, the actress who played Zoe on Firefly, recently said something that almost brought a tear to my eye:

PW: What about Zoe -- where is she now that Wash has died?
Gina: I will tell you my fantasy: Zoe was pregnant when all that went down [her husband died] and she’s got this little beige, curly red headed baby running around the ship. Jayne’s trying to teach him about Vera [laughs] and he and I fight because I think the kid should learn about guns from me. Kaylie & Simon are very happy. It’s a better-verse. And Mal, well, Mal’s still just a little twisted. His communication skills have not improved. But he’s a good uncle Mal and I just think we’re all still flying. I’m by his side. That’s Zoe (PopWrap).

Wow, that would actually make for an interesting story.

How would a baby effect Serenity?

Mal, Zoe, and Jayne would all become more defensive.  The child would be a memorial to Wash, and one of the only hopes for the future the crew have had for a long time.

After the Miranda incident, the crew would spend most of their time on the fringes, trying to avoid the Alliance and the Reavers.

Imagine the effect a child would have on River.  Blue Sun reverted her to a child like state and would probably make  a great playmate, and a staunch defender.

Kaylee's smile as she holds the baby warms my heart.  I wonder how long it would be before she and Simon had a baby?

Inara would lavish the child with gifts.  I doubt Zoe would approve, but I think she would understand that her child is the child of the Serenity.

Gina and Fanfic


PW: I love when actor's create fan-fiction for their own character!
Gina: It’s true, we do! We absolutely do. When you live for a while in someone else’s skin – which is the gift of television – there’s quite a mourning process [after a show ends]. I've often thought that if ["Firefly" had] gone another season, or two, we were so human and so beautifully flawed that all of these things were possible (PopWrap).

I would love to read some of Gina's fanfic, but I must say, Adam Baldwin's and Jewel Staite's  might be more fun, should it exist.

How do you see a child on Serenity would have?

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