I see Spock in the Mirror

I saw someone on Twitter the other day ask why people are so into Spock since he not fully human, shows no emotion, and is just smart. I can answer that question simply: I see Spock in the mirror.

No, I don’t mean Leonard Nimoy’s thin angular body, though that would be an improvement on what I have. I mean I am a person who defaults too often to literal/logical thinking, but just under the surface is a raging temper and a sexual desire I strive to control. I know what it means to be misunderstood by most of the people I have ever met, and to have my feet in multiple worlds while feeling alien to all of them. I wanted to make my parents happy, and felt they were pulling me in two different directions.

That is what I see in the character of Spock. I am sure everyone sees something different.

When I was a child I learned how to do something that has always helped me:

Participating in Media

I am not sure when or how it happened, but I learned a long time ago that if I want to get something out of a story, I have to become emotionally invested in the characters and/or story.

If I am lucky, I will experience some sort of catharsis at least. When I am very lucky, I will gain some insight into my life or the world. That is rare, but it is magical when it happens.

Spock was a model for me as I matured as well as a source of catharsis. That is why I love him… and well K/S helped too.