Top 5 SF Genres That Take Place in Space

When looking at SF Genres that take place in space point of view is key to understanding the differences between the genres.

  • Space Opera: space-adventure stories of interplanetary or interstellar conflict. Space Opera has romantic elements with the focus on characters of which the hero is usually a lone wolf / maverick.
      • Planetary Romance: Where the planet is a main character and focus.
          • Think: Dune and Avatar.
          • If Star Wars was a Planetary Romance it would be about Dagobah, the places strong in the light and dark side of the force and how things aren’t what they appear.
          • Military Scifi: Where the military is integral to the story and has a big influence on the story.
              • Galactic Empire: Where the politics, political intrigue, and political maneuvering is essential to the story.
                  • Alien Invasion: Where the point of view and story is told from either the invaded or invader’s perspective.

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