Speaking Out a Captain Jack Attack!

A while back you might recall we talked about the concerns over Fox de-Queering Capt. Jack from Torchwood.

Fox had plans to do an American Torchwood. John Barrowman shared his concerns that Fox would make Captain Jack straight. We shared in those concerns.

Jack is Bi. Fox does not have a good track record with GLBT characters and they have a track record of making bi characters straight see the new Knight Rider show as a current example.

Good News Everyone!

We were glad to announce on Fandom Today #488 “Hero or Sidekick” that the deal fell through. Thankfully, because we spoke out and made our voices heard Fox will not get to work on an American Torchwood!

Russell T. Davies Talked About The Return Of ‘Torchwood’ the plans moving forward.

  • Captain Jack will be returning to the show.

  • There will be multiple Torchwood teams, Cardiff, America, and others around the world.

  • A joint production between BBC Worldwide, BBC Wales and The Starz Cable Entertainment Network in the USA

Thanks to everyone who spoke out and kept one of our LGBT characters from being de-queered.

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