Where is Captain Jack When You Need Him

When I was working on my goals for the rest of the year, I started thinking about Captain Jack Harkness, and what he would do if I brought him in as a consultant. Then I realized that he wouldn’t understand what I was talking about.

Jack lives in a world pristinely untouched by homophobia. (part of me envies him for that)

How did Jack’s world rid itself of homophobia?

The easiest answer is that Russell T Davies didn’t allow it into Torchwood, but I think there is another answer.

How can you call Jack a faggot without loosing your teeth? Jack walks through the world with a gay swagger that just doesn’t invite homophobic slurs. He defines a form of queer masculinity that is attractive to everyone who sees it, without any attempt to pass as straight with an unnatural male bravado.

Is that the answer for all of us?

Yes and no. The answer is not for all gay men to emulate Jack’s queer masculinity, but to take on his unashamed bravado.

He is not an easy target because there is no easy or obvious ways to attack him. He is comfortable in his own skin, and we need to be too.

Homophobia, like any other animalistic pack mentality seeks out the weak and injured members of their prey to come after. If we keep each other strong, then that job will be a lot harder.

Now I am not saying that people are gay bashed because they are weak. I have been beaten a time or two myself. What I am saying is that if the individual members of our community are strong, and the community springs to the defense of all its members, then we will not look like such easy targets.

Remember what happened to the 456 after they killed Ianto? Hell hath no fury like Captain Jack Harkness!

Stand Up!

We need to stand up for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters. If we don’t stand up, who will. Be strong! Be proud of who you are! Be proud of your friends and family! Then do everything in your power to give yourself and your community something to be proud of.