To infinity and beyond: 2010 Objectives

Space Fiction is one of our absolutely favorite things, in part for its forward-looking nature, but mostly because we love to see a spaceship and it’s crew at work.

State of the Genre

This year is a tough one for a fan like us. There are no Space Opera, Military Scifi, or Galactic empire films coming out. This fall, Stargate Universe and Star Wars: The Clone Wars are returning, and there are Star Wars novels to look forward to, especially the Nomi Sunrider book.

There are no Planetary Romances with the exception of the rerelease of Avatar.

The only Alien Invasion story I can think of is V.

Eric’s Objectives

I would love to find one or two great Space Opera writers to read. That isn’t asking for too much. I am not looking for Planetary Romance, I love Dune, but that is not what I am looking for right now. No military scifi either… It can be a Space Opera that involves the military, but I am looking for adventure and excitement, with characters and venues that blow my mind.

I’m not sure How I am going to find it. I might just end up reading the Star Wolf or Lensmen books again. Anyone have any suggestions?

Brian’s Objectives

I want to make Banned from Argo easy to navigate, fun, useful and informative.  It needs to become a place to play in with useful facts, direct reviews and a lot more fanac.

Your Turn

In addition to finding good Space Opera to read, what discussions topics would you like to have?


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