Never Give up, Never Surrender: Goals 2010

We set our eyes on finding 1 or 2 new Space Opera Writers to read this year, but frankly, we deserve more than what we are getting.

We realize that Space Fiction is on the outs with the big boys up stairs, but that doesn’t mean it is with us. We the fans need to stand up, and let our voices be heard.

So here’s our goals for the rest of the year:

  • contact all of the publishers we can and ask them what Space Opera they have coming out

    • if the answer is none, ask them why
  • Write a series about what is great about Space Opera
  • Write a series about what is over done in Space Opera
  • Write a series about how to write good Space Opera
  • Feature some of my favorite Books, Movies, and TV Shows
  • And a Bucket of Lists

    • The Best Space Opera
    • Must Watch Classics that Set the Standards for Space Opera
    • A Primer List for Neofan into Space Opera
    • The Best Planetary Romances
    • The Best Military Scifi

That is what we plan to do, have any suggestions? What are you going to do/contribute?


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