Werewolf, Succubus and Teenage Life

The Pilot and What Lies Beneath episodes of The Gates present an interesting analogy of teen life.

  • A teen boy wrestling with rage and jealousy is a werewolf

  • A teen girl wrestling with her feelings for two different boys is a succubus

Now, some might find that a bit simplistic, but I think it is closer to reality than most of us would like to admit.

Teen Boy as Werewolf

As a male matures, rushes of testosterone flood the body, and he experiences rage, anger, and territorial urges like he has never known before.  The question of what is mine becomes a preoccupation.  I know this from first hand experience.

I remember the uncontrollable rage swelling within me.  The anger looking for a target to lash out at.  It was random and extremely hard to hold back.  It was a transformation of sorts.  Most of the time I was a mild-mannered boy goofing off with my friends... then, when the circumstances were right, the beast would rear his ugly head.

Hopefully, they will keep following the path they already have.  Brett Crezski (Colton Haynes) and Lukas Ford (James Preston) are polar opposites.

  • Brett is trying to control his bestial nature and live outside the pack.

  • Lukas is indulging his bestial nature and building his own pack.

The only advantage that Lukas has over Brett, so far as we have seen, is that his father, Simon, is trying to teach him how to live with the beast within him.  Unfortunately, Lukas has not shown any signs of wanting to mature.

Brett saved Charlie from Lukas once, and I wonder if this will become a pattern.  Eventually, he will have to choose between doing what is right and what is easy.

Hormones as Incubus/Succubus

Andie Bates (Skyler Samuels) found a strange vein on her back, the first sign she is becoming an/awakening the Succubus nature she inherited from her mother.

I wonder if it took her interest in two boys at the same time to bring it out or if it would have surfaced eventually?

I would like to believe it happened because she had feelings for two boys at the same time.  When that happened, Andie lost her innocence.  A sad moment that comes to us all.

Think about how sweet and innocent she was in the pilot, only to become increasingly agitated and confused.

When one's hormones come into bloom, we are able to use others for our sexual gratification without any care or concern for their feelings or well-being, like an incubus/succubus.

More than anything else, Andie will have to choose between Charlie and Brett.  If she cannot, all three of them are in danger.