Vampires in The Gates, first impressions

When I first saw Rhona Mitra's Claire Radcliff out in the sun, tending her roses on a bright sunshiny day, I though, "Wow, they didn't cast her as a vampire.  I'm shocked."  A couple of minutes later, she was in her kitchen with a contractor, fangs bared, blood covering her mouth and filling the sink, my brows furrowed, and I sighed.

I thought for a moment that I was watching a sexier version of Twilight... then the next time we see Claire, she is sitting in her foyer rubbing sun block all over her body.  Sunlight glints off her leg, smoke rises, and she pulls back in pain.  A small burn bubbled up on her knee.

From the first impression, I thought that vampires on The Gate are more susceptible to sunlight after they feed.  Later in the episode, her husband Dylan mentions that he provides them with blood from the biolab... so that can't be it.

I do wonder if it had something to do with the fact that she gave in to her instincts and participated in the hunt.  Could it be that giving in to her bestial nature made her more of a vampire and thus more susceptible to the weaknesses of her kind?  It looks that way, but it is much too early to know for sure just yet.

I cannot wait to see more and find out.

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