Resident Evil Afterlife Trailer 2

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Trailer 2

Second trailer is out and it helps to clarify some of the conflict that we will see between Alice and The Umbrella Corporation.  I like that there is more footage giving a different perspective on what to expect in the film, aka less of a Matrix feeling.

I want one of these...

Trailer 1

The next in the Resident Evil movie franchise has it's first trailer, watch it above.  It looks like a Resident Evil movie which is good.  This is one of the few franchises that were able to get their movies to look and feel more like the game with out looking like a bad movie.

Milla Jovovich returns to reprise her role as Alice!

The trailer is really good:  I get to see the set up for some of the boss battles.  Some teasers for what different kind of mutated enemies we will get to see and the set up for the condition of everything after the outbreak.


Resident Evil: Afterlife picks up some time after the events of Resident Evil: Extinction.  Roaming the world searching for any remaining survivors Alice enters the ruins Los Angeles.   She stumbles onto a base of Umbrella surrounded by zombies.  Finding a group of survivors hiding out She then teams up with them to help free another group being held in a prison.  Among those prisoners she finds Claire's brother, Chris Redfield.

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