“Avatar Trooper” TK Helmet

While exploring the outer rim hunting for General Grevious and his clanker army an unsuspecting unit of stormtroopers happen upon a remote planet designated Pandora.  This helmet on the end of a long pike is all that remains as a warning sign for any future intruders.

What I would love to see is a Toruk inspired speeder bike.  Paint the bike the Toruk colors and for the wings have them swept in like how the Toruk would look in a dive, this would also keep the bikes balance and maneuverability but still give it a more Toruk look

Check out this fun Avatar inspired Stormtrooper helmet.  It is part of the 501st TK Project.

The TK Project is a charity event for the Make A Wish Foundation. The 501st Stormtooper Legion is inviting our Honorary Members, Friends Of the Legion and a few 501st troopers to create one of a kind Stormtrooper helmets. This project is similar to the Vader Project that Sarah Jo Marks and Dov Kelemer completed.

(via /film)