Book Review: Dawn of the Dreadfuls

In honor of Father’s Day, I want to talk about what a good father does in times of crisis.

Does he throw caution to the wind and protect his children above all else? Yes.

Does he deny society standards to give his children the tools to defend themselves in case he is devoured by zombies? Yes.

And finally, does he take pride in a brood of his own progeny that can defeat flesh hungry adversaries at every pass? Absolutely.

Mr. Bennet was such a man and I’d like to suggest Dawn of the Dreadfuls as an example, nay, an instruction manual for the fathers of today. For the modern father faces many of the challenges that Mr. Bennet did.

In Dawn of the Dreadfuls, you will learn how to coach your offspring to greatness.

Mr. Bennett assumed the Spread Eagle Stance, scowled, and bellowed,
….he asked Jane to try a cry of her own.
“Haiee,” she said.
“Did you hear that, girls?” Mr. Bennett cupped a hand to his right ear. “I do believe a mouse just coughed... Your battle cry does more than announce your presence… it unchains the tiger within.”

You will learn the proper thing to say when society questions your motives.

“…You mean to have her---? ...She’s but a child!”
“Childhood is a luxury we can no longer afford.”

And, you will learn how to show your children the proper way to dispatch unmentionables to the fiery pits of hell.

“Run out to the tool shed and fetch along the biggest pair of shears you can.”

Dawn of the Dreadfuls is an exciting, entertaining romp through Jane Austen’s England where zombies have infected the masses. Author Steve Hockensmith has a way of making zombie attacks funny and the combat training funnier! For Austenites, you will love to see your favorite characters in a new light, before the famed Pride and Prejudice story commenced. Did you know that Jane was once courted by a plump, arrogant, coward? Have you read of Elizabeth’s infatuation with the most highly regarded martial arts master? All of this and more awaits you in the pages of Dawn of the Dreadfuls, the prequel to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains, must be in want of more brains.

Both Dawn of the Dreadfuls and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies are available now at

*Author’s note: I have not reviewed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies because although I enjoyed it, I think readers will like this book better. P&P&Z is no doubt revolutionary and entertaining, but if you are a passionate JA fan, you may become bored with the retelling, despite the gooey zombie center. If you are not a JA reader, I recommend both books, but begin with Dawn of the Dreadfuls first.

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