Rumor: Rowling Considering Potter EBooks

Is J.K. Rowling considering releasing the Harry Potter Books in eBook Format?  The rumor is yes it's being actively considered.

Neil Blair, partner at the Christopher Little Agency (CLA) which represents Rowling, said the agency was "currently considering all the options and opportunities that this evolving space provides". The agency was "actively" looking, whereas previously it had just been "monitoring the developing area", he said.

Richard Charkin, executive director of Rowling's print publisher Bloomsbury, declined to comment on whether Bloomsbury was in discussions with the author on e-book plans, saying: "That's between us and CLA."

I think it's a lot of wishful thinking and that we won't see it.

Yes it would be very nice to have the Potter books in a format that made it easier for me to carry them around and to reread them.  I love the idea of only holding a light weight iPad or Kindle instead of the much heaver and cumbersome book.

(via Writer's Blog)