O, to be a Superhero

Guy Gardner with his yellow power ring. Image via WikipedI have been a fan of superheroes ever since I was a little boy sitting in front of our TV in Milan, Tennessee watching the Super Friends, Spiderman and Friends, and the Incredible Hulk.  It is hard to understate just how much I love them.  I stood in lines to watch Batman and Batman Returns, and collected a sizable comic book collect (which was stolen).

Superhero + MMO = No Brainer

Or at the very least it should.  My 2 most favorite MMOs out right now are (as you might expect) Champions Online and City of Heroes.  (Star Trek doesn't count.  That is more of a religion than an obsession lol), but recently, I have found a problem with both games for which there is no patch.

Ugh, shut up!

I have yet to find a patcher for real life (Buddhism patches my system, no others... tear, tear)  We have weekly LAN parties at the house, and my friends come over and we play an MMO...

I have found that I enjoy playing with people over the net more than having them in the room with me.  From the inane chatter to the constant excuses for why something didn't work, ugh, SHUT UP!

Maybe by BS filter is just full, but I am sick and tired of everyone always having an excuse for everything.  Let me clue you in on a  little secret:

Everyone Messes up!

That really shouldn't be a secret, but it seems to be.  We all make mistakes, and I probably make more than most, but stand up and admit it.

I think it bothers me so much because these are Superhero games, and I am after all a roleplayer at heart.  It's like being stuck in a mission with Guy Gardner.  I just want to have fun, not assign blame for this, that, and the other thing.

The Experience is everything

All I want to do is don my spandex, save the city, and have a good time doing it.  I love the character builder in Champions, but honestly, City of Heroes is still a better game.  We switched our main game to Aion for the moment, but they are doing the same thing there.

I wonder if there is something I could do to make game night more of an event.  I don't care what my stats are, less anyone else's.  Maybe if I just put headphones on and tuned out the room...  that's just rude.

I don't understand why there wouldn't be a way to get everyone on the same page, having fun, without loosing it and screaming at the top of my lungs for everyone to just shut up.

Does anyone have a solution?  I need a patch to turn a gamer (playing just for stats and achievements) into a player (someone who just loves the game).  I am open to any solution that doesn't involve tranquilizing people.  For now, I suppose I just need to have the patience of Martian Manhunter.

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