The Seekers Quest For A New Season Continues

After hearing that ABC dumped Legend of the SeekerThe Keeper claims the Seeker.  I was concerned but also very hopeful.

Loosing the studio does not mean there will not be any Seeker.  Look at season one.  Legend of the Seeker was an independent project for season one.  They made an amazing show that we all fell in love with.  They can do it again for season three.

“I tried to get some answers,” she says. “It was not going to be produced by ABC unless someone else would come along and produce the show. I don’t know the whole of it … they haven’t told me … everyone was surprised by it.”

I still haven’t even been released from my contract but I know it’s coming soon.” –Bridget Regan

Hearing that Bridget Regan has not been released from her contract gives me hope that there is still some effort to save the show.

My hope is that for season three they go back to being an independent production.  They have proven their worth to the distribution company with the DVD and iTunes sales.  The problem was the appointment TV ratings.  That issue runs far deeper then the quality of particular shows which the big studios have to face.  They could bypass a lot of that mess by distributing directly to the various local stations who want to carry the show and going directly to Hulu, Netflix and iTunes.

Thank you mother confessor for keeping the hope alive.

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