Star Wars AT-AT Baby Stroller Mod

This is mod makes me jump for joy.  What an amazing way to celebrate Star Wars for the whole family.  I particularly love the snow speeder mobile that doubles as an educational tool for primary colors.

Rick Russo modded his baby stroller to look like an AT-AT walker.  It looks cool.  Would have looked better if he would have painted the rest of the stroller gray to blend into the walker?

I wonder if he set up a nob for the baby to play with that could make the head swivel from side to side?

Here is How He Made It

Rick cut templates from cardboard to create a proof-of-concept mock-up showing how the panels and legs fit together…

Some of Rick’s chief concerns included whether the baby could see over the AT-AT body, that the AT-AT feet cleared the stroller wheels and that the AT-AT didn’t jut out too far from the stroller.

Rick’s wife pointed out that the baby would be growing... so room should be left for baby legs poking out the front of the stroller. These holes also provided extra ventilation.

Rick... connected everything with zip ties. Exterior details were drawn by hand using three reference materials as guides: a Kenner AT-AT toy, game pieces and the book Incredible Cross-Sections of Star Wars, Episodes IV, V & VI: The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars Vehicles and Spacecraft.

Panels for the head were glued to "spongy-foam stuff" that Rick said is similar to green floral brick. A tube from a roll of shrink-wrap served as the neck, inserted into the head foam and through a hole in the front body panel.

...the snowspeeders, crafting them from foam and using BBQ skewers for the laser cannons. Four speeders hung from the mobile with floral wire to give them some movement, but not the crazy swaying you might expect with string.

The underside of each speeder... were painted in different primary colors, suspended from a piece of foam cut in the shape of a Rebel logo. The mobile was engineered to swivel away, facilitating the baby’s entry and exit from the AT-AT... (via thingamababy)

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