E.T./Star Wars Mash-Up T-Shirt

New Zealand artist Glenn Jones brings us this great E.T./Star Wars Mash-Up T-Shirt.  The t-shirt design is titled “Be Good”.  Check out the image on the left.

I love the design.  It inspired many mashup scenes from Star Wars.

Imagine the scene from "A New Hope".  Luke skywalker is flying down the trenches of the Death Star.  The voice of Obi-Wan in his head: "Luke, use the force Luke..."  Luke's reply (in E.T.'s voice) "Phone Home! Luke Phone Home!"


Imagine the scene from "The Empire Strikes Back" Luke on Hoth escaped and now freezing in the snow has a vision but instead of Obi-Wan telling him to get help it's E.T. leaning over pointing at Luke saying "Ouch".

(via /film)

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