dejla's Fanfic writing manifesto

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I just finished reading dejla's Fanfic writing manifesto, and I wonder if I have been a little hard on myself.

I stopped writing fanfic a long time ago because I believed the hype...  I wanted to be a "serious writer" and I listened to all of the voices that told me that "real" writers don't write fanfic... well, maybe they should.

I talk a lot of shit about Fanfic being part of the cultural cycle.  It is how societies have always digested stories and myths, so why am I cutting myself off from that cycle?

If it is as important as I claim it is, than I should almost feel required to be a part of it.

Suddenly, I feel like a hypocrite, and I hate hypocrites.

Maybe it will be harder for me to be taken seriously as a writer if I write fanfic too, but I probably don't want the approval of those people anyway.  The time has come.  I need to return to my first love.

Sue, you were right.  I need to get by fic on!  That felt liberating, now the trick will be the follow through, what do you want to see my fanfic on?

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