Manga Review: Dramacon by Svetlana Chmakova

Just in time for CON season, this manga series will have you wondering if the author was sitting next to you at last years CON. Dramacon Ultimate Edition is a decidedly American style, but in this case, it works!

Comic creator, Christie attends a comic convention with her boyfriend. Nervous and unsure what to expect, Christie finds she is more like the attendees than she thought. The only problem is that her jerk of a boyfriend is flirting with all the skimpy-costumed chicks. Trapped behind a table in artist’s alley, she stews as he goes off to a panel by her favorite author without her. Running away from her boyfriend after a fight, she knocks into a cute, understanding guy who teaches her to stand up for herself.

This book is riddled with con details non-con peeps just might not get, such as: Getting lost in the maze of a hotel, trying to reign yourself in from buying too much at the dealer room, and being awed (and perhaps a bit jealous) of those brave enough to dress in cosplay gear.

There’s always a bit of drama and intrigue when going to a con and I think this author got it right. Who will you meet? Will there be a weekend romance? Will your favorite author be nice or a jerk? Svetlana also leaves us with an idea that I think we can all relate to. A feeling that comes from not meeting anyone interesting, not falling in love, or not seeing your favorite author.

“My first anime convention did not go smoothly, but all things considered… I can’t wait to go back!”

I think any con-goer will enjoy this little comedy/romance. I enjoyed the first one more than the second, but they were both enjoyable. The third book in the series has received mixed reviews. The series may continue, but right now Svetlana is working on other series such as Nightschool.

Extras include ten pages of author/artist thanks and fun manga shorts, fan art, and a feature on how manga goes from thumbnails to inks.

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