Enemy of the State breaks Pandora

I love Pandora Radio, and even subscribe to Pandora One... but there is one thing that bugs me more than anything: I CANNOT MAKE AN ENEMY OF THE STATE STATION!!

(deep breath)  Ever since Roadrunner United released, I have tried to create a station on Pandora to find other music like this song:  the haunting piano, Pete Steele's beautiful and clear deep voice, and the defiant guitar  stick with me in a way no other song ever has.  So what is the problem?

Is the song unavailable on Pandora?  Well, it is there, but the Genome seems to be really off... really off...

The station the song creates has none of the ambient or even doom metal qualities of the original.  Scream-o, Death Metal, Black Metal... none of which sound at all like Enemy of the State.

Several times, I've contacted Pandora to complain and beg them to fix it.  We go back and forth talking about what qualities in the song I feel are missing, and still it doesn't work.

I am left with two options:

  1. There are no other songs in Pandora's database that sounds anything like Enemy of the State.

  2. All of the Songs on Roadrunner United have been tagged the same.

That is why I wanted to bring this to you all.  Are there any other songs any of you have had this same problem with?  And more importantly (at least to me), does anyone know of any other songs or artists that sound like this song?

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