NBC Community Gets Awesome With Modern Warefare

Community is one of those shows that started out bad.  I almost gave up on the series but I kept watching because the last 5 minutes were entertaining.  Then by the Halloween episode the show got better.  Still not owner - re-watchable better but to the level that I looked forward to see the next episode.

Last weeks episode Modern Warfare is brilliant.  I watched the episode 3 times over the weekend and it's probably an owner for me.

Watch the trailer below.

This episode is a what if Abed made an episode.  Abed is a fanboy character who lives by, breaths and eats his beloved show.  He is constantly quoting or comparing instances to other shows and movies.  I loved what he did for Batman on the Halloween episode.

In this episode they quote, reference and do homages to so many different things.  Starting with a 28 Days Latter homage to set the scene and ending with Die Hard.

I love how they did the set up for The Warriors running homage.  It didn't help that Wolf ran around all weekend calling out "Warriors!"

For those unfamiliar with The Warriors it was an 1979 movie that was hilariously bad.  probably worth watching once or at least no regrets of having seen it once.

Watch the trailer for The Warriors below.

Can you name all of the references made in the show?

Watch Community streaming below.

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