Daybreakers Out On DVD

Daybreakers is out on DVD May 11th 2010.  It's a vampire movie set in the future.  I have not watched it yet but being a sucker for vampire films I put it on my rent list.  This movie is a renter for fans of vampire movies, beyond that don't expect too much.

When it was released to the theaters Daybreakers' promotional materials did not excite me too much. I’m intrigued with how they set up vampire starvation causing a rotschreck frenzy, sounds like someone was playing Vampire The Masquerade. Nothing else really excites me nor intrigues me about the movie.

The reviews were mixed mostly classifying this a a B movie and a nifty genera piece with a cold, steely blue, black,gray look.  Roger Ebert said "intriguing premise ... ends as so many movies do these days, with fierce fights and bloodshed."  Variety said it "emerges as a competent but routine chase thriller that lacks attention-getting dialogue, unique characters or memorable set pieces that might make it a genre keeper rather than a polished time-filler."

These reviews are not bad for vampire fans.  They match my expectations for the film.  Being a sucker for vampire films and the reviews landed this one on the on the renter list.  Warning:  Ethan Hawke is in it which is a red flag out of his current 49 movies only 2 were good and his part in them wasn't.  Sam Neill is a plus but though.


  • Daybreakers: In 2009, a major viral outburst transformed a majority of the world’s population into vampires. It is now 2019. With only a handful of humans left to provide blood for the starving population of vampires, extinction is a very real risk for the new dominant species of humanity.  If a vampire doesn’t drink blood, then they will transform from having a recognizable human form into a violent, uncontrollable, and bat-like creature of the night.   Now two different factions strive for a solution.  A small factions of surviving humans wish to repopulate the species and a secret team of human and ‘cured’ researchers try to uncover a way that would rescue the human race.

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