Most Captivating, Useless Machine Ever: DIY Instructions and Video

Titled:  The most useless machine ever!

Though it may be useless it's really captivating.  I just can't take my eyes off the image.

Update: Video and instructions to make your own

Thank you very much SaskView from who was inspired by a video of the machine made one of his own and shared the instructions on how to build it with everyone!

Build It Your Self

SaskView's instructions consist of 9 steps.  I love how he takes the first step to cover the background on the project, how he got into it and who built the original.  The second step goes into the how it works which is great because this gives the understanding to help with not only building but for the builder to add their mods and personal touches to the process.  The remaining 7 steps gets into the meat of the instructions.  Get all the steps here from Instructables

Video of the machine