Star Wars live-action series is close

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
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The Watcher rehashed and collected the rumors that we Star Wars fans have all heard before.  Lucas Film is working on a live-action noir series set between episodes III and IV...  and then?

Rick McCallum told them that they want all of the scripts finished before they begin production... not news, we announced the search for writers on Fandom Today a while back...

So why should I care?

This story and the firestorm around it smells of a planted PR story.  Lucas Film wants you to remember this project is in the development stage and they are looking to see what the reaction to the "news" that the cast will be original to the series.

Well done Lucas, but personally I would much rather see movies based on the Knight of the Old Republic Comics or the Legacy of the Force novels.  having said that, I am already earmarking time to watch.

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