THE LAST AIRBENDER 3rd Movie Trailer Rocks!

After watching the third trailer for The Last Airbender I'm now stoked to see the movie.  Watch the trailer above.

The trailer shows Firebending, Waterbending, Airbending, and Earthbending and it looks good.  They also feature some amazing creatures.

  • Appa:  Ang's air bison is shown flying though not up close.  Getting the fur to look right will be the biggest challenge for the air bison.

  • Avatar Roku's Dragon:  This is awesome because they will put the dragon in and we will get to hopefully see Avatar Roku as well.

  • The Blue Spirit:  I loved this character in the show.  It adds so much depth and complexity to the story line I'm proud to see that they have included it in.

There is an uncontrollable urge to put in the first disc for season one of Avatar The  Last Airbender.  That is what I was waiting for from the Last Airbender trailer.

I want to see the movie now but must wait for July 2nd 2010.  In the interim vigilance.

If you have not watched the series... Shame!  Have hope though there is still time and it is worth it.

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