The Keeper claims the Seeker

Screen: Legend Of The Seeker

The story began on the Ausiello files @

Hey, fans of Legend of the Seeker: You know that 11th hour stay of execution you were hoping for? Well, you can stop hoping now — I’m hearing from multiple sources that the cult fave has been axed.

And the veil cracked.  Demons of doubt and worry scurried into Twitter to herald the Keeper's victory over the Seeker.  Then Bridget Regan gave the rumor legs:

@Dear_B or should I say Dear Diary? Got some news that Seeker is no more. So sad to say goodbye to my NZ family but excited for what's next. (here)

Then her twitter went silent.

Can we find the Stone of Tears in time?

If Sam Rami were smart, and ABC has indeed canceled the series, he will produce season 3 like he did season 1: without the destructive influence of ABC on the show.

Legend of the Seeker started as a fresh and fun series.  Season two then adopted many of the clichés and tropes of fantasy television a mainstream media demands.  The show was better before ABC and can recapture its former glory.

It is important to note, neither ABC nor the official Seeker site have confirmed that the series has been canceled.  If this is the end of the series, today is a sad day for Seeker fans.

Wake up Rami!  Free the Seeker!  Defeat the Keeper! Get back on the path to greatness!

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