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Planet 51
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Review: Planet 51

Imagine a typical science fiction alien invasion movie from the 1950's .  Now take that tale and turn it inside out add in fun and even more camp.  That is the premise for Planet 51.  We rented it through netflix had so much fun, fell in love with the movie and bought it.

Planet 51 got really bad reviews from the critics when it came out.  Initially those reviews made me hesitant to watch the movie but I'm so glad I didn't listen to the critics.  Thank God we are not so jaded that we would miss this warm, inviting, friendly and fun movie that brought us so joy.

This is a family movie not a kiddie movie.  There are a lot of fun little bits in it for the kids but also in the traditional style of the Walt Disney movies there are a lot of stuff in it for adults to enjoy too.  The stuff for adults is well hidden mainly through referential humor to adult movies and shows so only adults would get it.  There are also a fair bit of dirty jokes for the parents that is well hidden like how they did in Aladan.

Eric said it best by describing this movie as being like hoodwinked for sci-fi.


  • the alien dog:  "In space no one can here you scream"

  • voice cast is incredible:  Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel, Justin Long, Seann William Scott, Gary Oldman, John Cleese

  • Great exploration of the issue of terror in media

  • rover… he loves rocks!

  • The alien deterrent to protect you from probes.


  • It's not Shakespeare

Planet 51 is an owner, get your copy here / Rent it

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