Peter Steele died

I spent most of my day trying to debunk this story.  I didn't want to believe it.  I have heard rumors of his death before, and I thought this was another one.  I read The Gauntlet article "Peter Steele has died". Over and over again.  They were as skeptical as I was, but they have it on good authority that Peter Steele is dead at the age of 48.

Remembering Pete Steele

I discovered Type O Negative as the opening act for Queensryche on their Promised Land tour.  I had seats 3rd row center, and Peter's voice and on stage presence mesmerized me.

His hair shimmered like an oily shadow rolling down his back.  He took my breath away.  I rushed to the store and bought all their albums.

Peter's dark humor never ceased to amaze me.  From the goth metal cover of Summer Breeze, Cinnamon Girl, and Angry Inch, to Kill all the White People, Hey Pete, and Christian Woman.  He was an original.  Halloween in Heaven and September Sun floored me when I heard them for the first time.

He once said, "Never mistake our lack of talent for genius," but they were genius.  His contribution to the vocals on Roadrunner United's Enemy of the State proves that.

For me and his legions of fans, his talent and wicked humor will be missed.  My heart goes out to his friends and family.

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