The Real 3D Pet Sematary

Upon hearing Matthew Greenberg is hired to do a remake of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary I remembered my first experience of the movie.  It was a truly terrifying movie because of the setting and peripheral events making it a true 3D experience.

I watched Pet Sematary for the first time as a young child at the family’s old farmhouse in Connecticut.  It is one of those scary type of old houses built in the 1800’s.  Complete with secret passageways and even a mud floor basement. It is probably haunted if not the feel would leave one believing every old creek and bump in the night was due to paranormal activity.

It was a late warm summer night when we started the movie.  The window was open to let in a cooling breeze.  The Lights turned off so the only eerie glow in the room was cast from the television.  Strange shadows danced about the room as it flickered.

Just as the movie reaches it’s climatic moment it happened.  Something big moved past the window.  We know it was big because its footsteps thumped in the soft grass.  With each impact the animal huffed.  The kind of huff that is a mix of an exhale and a growl, low, rumbling.

In an instance the gun rack was emptied.  Light flashed about the room from both the overhead lights and the flashlights that each armed occupant now carried. It amazes me how fast all of us moved  both to secure the area and to search for whatever it was outside.

The oddest thing, we never found what it was that moved past the window.  No animal left lurking in the yard and no tracks left in the soft ground outside of the window.

(via /Film)