Concerns For Alien in 3D

There are plans to do an Alien remake in the 3D format and to make it a trilogy.  I loved the Alien movies they are a brilliant example of good horror.  This remake project brings great concerns.

Will James Cameron return to the project?  This is an important question.  He was so involved with the movies starting with his writing on the first Alien movie.

The gimmick concern.  The studios are going nuts over making movies in 3D as a gimmick to lure people into the theaters to watch movies.  This creates problems since not all theaters can handle 3D.  Thus if the movie is not shot with care it appears distorted and becomes troublesome to watch in non 3D.  I also find it offensive that the studios would take such a flagrantly lazy approach to create desire in watching movies in the theater.  Generally I find putting out movies that have good writing, storylines, and aren’t just throwaway media will make me want to go watch it in the theater.

One of the things that makes the Alien movies work so well as horror and to still appear fairly current even 30 years latter is that they don’t show too much and they use the real when they can for the effects.  Modern movies, especially those for 3D, tend to show too much moving from a terrifying scene toward the grotesque desensitizing the audience.

(via SCI FI Wire)

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