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In life all of us have to wrestle with love, family, and our purpose in life.  When on the right path one finds everything moves smoothly and when not one finds difficulty.  I’m really enjoying the third season of Chuck and their representation of those real struggles.

By using the intersect and chuck's ability to access it as a symbol of chuck's spiritual compass we get to clearly see when his life is out of balance.  Like in life, when one gets so out of balance, there comes a time when a spiritual adviser comes along to put one back on the path.  For Chuck this was the Tao of Morgan.

Chuck Verses the False Choice

Chuck’s purpose in life is facing a false choice between the old Chuck verses spy Chuck.  Unfortunately by working within the confines of labels he is unable to see how both choices are wrong.  Old Chuck denies how he is very capable and spy Chuck denies his emotions which is his source of strength.  He has to find the real Chuck.

To protect Chuck’s family he made a false choice to keep them at a distance.  This false choice is causing great problems in Chuck’s life because it is his family that grounds him.  To protect them he need’s them close and to keep a distance between himself and his spy life.

In love Chuck made a false choice by believing Sarah is not an option.  This false choice is preventing him from finding out what kind of romantic relationship really exists between them.  He is left with unresolved emotions that also prevents any future choices.  Thus the relationship with Hanna is not able to move forward because Chuck has not resolved his position with Sarah.

With all of those false choices Chuck is left lost and out of balance.  This manifests it’s self by his inability to access the intersect.  Then enters his spiritual advisor to put him back on the path.

Tao of Morgan

Chuck reveals his spy identity to Morgan.  One might expect two years of lying to hurt the friendship but not in Morgan’s case because he understands the way.  I love how out of all the people in Chuck’s life Morgan is his spiritual guide.

The Tao of Morgan:  Follow your bliss and be true to yourself.  This is the real secret to our purpose in life and it is a path not a destination.

The Real Chuck

The real Chuck is a very capable person who cares to do the good and protect innocent people from harm.  He draws his strength from his emotions which is directly tied to his desire to do good and protect innocent people from harm.  This is why Chuck’s emotions play such a vital role.

He gets back on the path of following his bliss and being true to himself after putting Morgan back into his life.

The Struggle Continues

Now we must see how chuck resolves his false choices that lead him off the path in the first place.  I don’t see him finding his true self right away since it is his peers that keep perpetuating the false choice between being a spy or being his old self.  Sarah sees the real Chuck but is unable to clearly tell him because of the unresolved feelings between them.

Will Chuck find his true self?

What kind of relationship do you see Chuck and Sarah having by the end of season three?

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