Catching Up On Doctor Horrible

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog two is still in the works.  Zack Whedon in and interview lets us know

  • They are meeting every so often to talk about the project.

  • "There are a handful of songs in some state of being written,"

  • “I think that we will focus on that more now that Joss [Whedon] is done with 'Dollhous'e and has a little more time to focus on other projects."

It hurts to think that Dollhouse is done but on the plus side I like hearing that Joss will have more time to work on the project.  How long before we will get to see a Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Two?  Probably quite a while but I would rather wait for a brilliant sequel then to rush into something unsubstantial.

Meanwhile, for those of us wanting more Doctor Horrible can follow along in the comics.  Whedon has plans for more Dr. Horrible comics.

  • A collection of all the 'Dr. Horrible' mini comics from online

  • “…A new story about the Evil League of Evil.”

I’m excited about a story in which we would get more about the members in the Evil League of Evil especially those featured at the end of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.  He will definitely do more Bad Horse.  I’m hoping something more about the Evil Whinny.

Read Zack’s other comics here:

(via Whedonesque)